Music is life, the lyrics are my story

I love music….who doesn’t

All the inspiration and motivation I get is from music. When I’am out of words and there is essay submission in college the next day, what I do is take my headphones and play all the songs in my playlist. Then magically all great ideas pops in my mind. Isn’t this great or what. This is what called as the power of “music”. 

Even while writing this post, Iam listening to my top 10 songs. So you all can imagine how much music influence my life. World without music would be a mistake. Music Doodle

The first thing I do when I listen to a particular song is to understand the lyrics and try to relate it with my own life. I think most of the people might be doing this. If not try it once, you’ll feel great. I even like to sing. Iam a professional bathroom singer 😛 I think music is “the best” way to express your feelings. From love to hate, inspirational to rock. You will find everything behind those lyrics. All my happiness lies behind those songs. By the way my favourite band is One Direction. Love all their songs. They are way beyond amazing….:Di-love-music-23671-400x250

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