Today’s sense of humor

As I recall, humor was such a thing that made people amused and used to lighten up their mood. But nowdays its just an another tactic to become famous. I think it is just to show people like “yeah, laugh at me, make fun of me, I don’t care”. Now-a-days celebrities and stars use this as a way to promote their films. If you ask me, this idea is totally absurd. If you have faith in your film or believe in your hardwork then why to humiliate yourself in front of your audience during interviews and promotional events. Does the number in the box office matter that much? Is it really necessary to be in that 2 crore movies list?

We the audience, the viewers will appreciate every movie which is worth appreciating. There is no need of doing so much drama and making fun of yourself. I’am not saying there should be no humor at all. But some boundaries should be made. According to me one shouldn’t joke about someone’s weight, looks, hair, etc. The stars who are willing to be humiliated on a public platform might be really insecure about their work or are in a desperate need of a spark in their lives.

This new type of humor is not only common amongst the stars but also among students. In high school the one who makes the most fun of themselves or of others and make silly and unreasonable comments are entitled as “THE COOL ONE”. I don’t get it at all. In middle school all this never existed. We used to make practical jokes but never used to make fun of anyone’s issues like weight for instance. I guess I’ll never adapt to this kind of sense of humor.


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