Be you, it is better!

There are countless number of people who do not have an opinion and spend their entire life pleasing others. Even, I was one of them. I’d always keep others before me and try to impress to make them see me. In that process, I completely lost my own personality. I had no idea who I had become. I couldn’t recognise myself. It was devastating. Nothing felt right. But one day out of the blue I realised something,”hey I don’t need to satisfy others. All I’ve got to do is to do the best of my capabilities and not compare myself with others. Most importantly, pleasing others won’t get me anywhere but my talent will “.

I’m not saying that I’m completely over it but the struggle of getting past it is on high speed and is real. The struggle includes watching lots of motivational videos on YouTube, looking into mirror and saying you’re worth it and etc.Though it sounds cliche but trust me it works. Over the years I’ve also realised that, ” Someone will always be prettier. Someone will always be smarter so all you need to do is to stop whining and BE YOU “.

You will also come across some people who will make you feel inferior. The mantra that I use, so that it won’t impact my life is to not care. I think that those people are clearly going through some problems which they don’t wanna talk about and remove the frustration in the form of bullying. These things shouldn’t stop you from showing the world what you’re capable of. That being said nobody is perfect. Even, I have my days but the thing is we need to come out of it and do something to improvise ourselves. 

Also, ” Nobody can be the best of you only you can. So try to excel in whatever you do and ignore the haters cos the HATERS ARE GONNA HATE! 


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