According to the ”urban dictionary” fandom is defined as the community that surrounds tv shows/movie/books/bands etc. Everyone belongs to some kind of fandom and I’m no different. I fangirl over ONE DIRECTION aka the best boy band ever. Say a word against them then I’ll be your worst nightmare. This is not just me everybody is overprotective about their idol X. So my advice to you is never mess with fangirls.

The people who haven’t indulged themselves with a fandom won’t and will never understand the feeling. So they don’t get to say what is right or wrong. They mistake us for being obsessed. Uhuhuh….we are not obsessed we are dedicated! Being in a fandom is not easy it has its perks. For instance being a directioner is like riding a rollercoaster without knowing when the clothoid loop comes. Anything can happen anytime. We are not stalkers. It is just that we love them so we wanna know about their life which is absolutely normal. I don’t care what the stats say but Directioners forms the biggest fan base ever. Others are also cool too but there’s only one ruler. This clearly states how much fandom can change the face of the earth. They can even destroy one’s career. I don’t need to say anymore the past says it all…..!!!


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