Why is high school so stressful?

For me high school was not full of happy days. Hell no!

It was different than I had thought it would be. I had no clue what and why I was doing anything. It wasn’t totally horrendous, I’ve had amazing moments too. But there were some days which were completely out of control. The phases which we go through. Don’t get me started with the melodramatic phase where everything seems like a Indian television’s saas bahu serials. Every emotion is heightened and we are not even vampires. I remember of going through I-know-it-all phase and being like, Girl you ain’t know nothing so just get outta my face cos whatever I say is right even if it is absolutely ridiculous and made no sense.

I was not so famous in high school for the first two years. I don’t know what got into me in 11th grade I was the outstanding student.

In middle school the only thing you have to worry about homework. However, in high school it is definitely not our priority. We had to take care of our image, the way we dress up and to be in the limelight. I personally didn’t like the attention that much. Sometimes it is cool but no not all the time. This is lot to take in thus making our lifes a hot mess. Not only that it is also a stage where we actually discover ourselves and prove others, I’m here to stay and nobody can drag me down. 

In high school we don’t read books we read minds. We all are basically experts in understanding body language and facial expressions. Long story short high school is not just about finding a path but beyond that. It is not just about passing a test but also about how to be social. So the question remains why is high school stressful? because it indirectly trains us how to survive in the real world.


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