Secrets…..we all have them. Nobody is really an open book and let’s us go through all pages. There is always something which we want to keep others from knowing. I think it is kinda cool of having some secrets as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone because it keeps the mysterious quotient alive.

Well, some secrets are meant to be corpse they shouldn’t be brought to life. [I sound like a person who keeps a lot of secrets which is so not true. I’m an exception… It is just that I’m addicted to pll] On the other hand some may even be stupid, like telling others you know something that nobody does to get others wondering what it is and which later on turns out to be nothing or someone ends up spilling the beans that actually you also don’t know about. This tactic is more genius than stupid. But, I personally think that it ends up breaking more hearts than it would have originally so it is moronic.

Keeping secrets is not an criminal act. Unless, you are doing it to cover up someone who went against the law which you absolutely shouldn’t. When you are asked to be loyal then you must, be it the judge or your mother. Do not lie to your mom, she would know it eventually.

I know it is pretty hard to be honest all the time. But why does it have to? If you cannot be honest aka be the real you with your friends and family it clearly means you have some trust issues or you like to keep everyone in the dark. This thing is absurd and you really need to talk with someone. There must be someone who you can trust completely. For me that’s my parents and my best friend. But if you still think that you want to live like that then that’s your choice.



Hardwork is a key to success likewise confidence is a key for great personality. It is really difficult for some people to be assertive. I personally think it is because of the fear to be judged by looks, looks and looks. Let’s face it everyone does judge the book by it’s cover. I know a lot will deny but most will definitely agree with me.

To be confident is to simply be you and to accept yourself for the way you are. Everyone must always keep this in mind God has made you like that for a reason. So don’t question him instead embrace it and be confident aka Godfident. For instance if someone body shams you, speak up! Show them that it doesn’t matter to you anymore and you’re glad with what you’ve got and tell them that you pity them. You need to give a whole lot less of a shit of what other people think of you. Also, STOP COMPARING. Hold onto your reality aka set your priorities straight and don’t give a damn about others life. Everybody cannot be the same, variety is necessary that is why God made us all different and special in our own way. Don’t get lost by pretending to be someone else rather have the courage to get up and prove that you are no less than anyone else in the room.

For being confident you need to be satisfied with what you have and you must also strive for more. images (1) images