Hardwork is a key to success likewise confidence is a key for great personality. It is really difficult for some people to be assertive. I personally think it is because of the fear to be judged by looks, looks and looks. Let’s face it everyone does judge the book by it’s cover. I know a lot will deny but most will definitely agree with me.

To be confident is to simply be you and to accept yourself for the way you are. Everyone must always keep this in mind God has made you like that for a reason. So don’t question him instead embrace it and be confident aka Godfident. For instance if someone body shams you, speak up! Show them that it doesn’t matter to you anymore and you’re glad with what you’ve got and tell them that you pity them. You need to give a whole lot less of a shit of what other people think of you. Also, STOP COMPARING. Hold onto your reality aka set your priorities straight and don’t give a damn about others life. Everybody cannot be the same, variety is necessary that is why God made us all different and special in our own way. Don’t get lost by pretending to be someone else rather have the courage to get up and prove that you are no less than anyone else in the room.

For being confident you need to be satisfied with what you have and you must also strive for more. images (1) images


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